You've probably heard it by now: we launched the new Exploro RaceMax. Read about what led to its creation, plus links to all the information, check it out here

The goal

Our goal was quite simply to optimize the aerodynamics of a gravel bike to the same level as a road bike. I don’t like to use the phrase “the world’s fastest gravel bike” because “world’s fastest” is so overused and arbitrary (see the 20 bikes that call themselves the “world’s fastest aero road bike”).

But in gravel, nobody else seriously uses aerodynamics yet. So for once I’ll say it: world’s fastest gravel bike! Now back to business.

While the idea was simple, the execution was very challenging. To lower drag, you need to shield the tyres. Which means you need to know exactly how big all these tyres are. Hint: It’s not what’s on the label! Hundreds of measurements later, we came up with two new concepts:

  • WAM: Width As Measured
  • RAM: Radius As Measured

By now, we know so much about tires we wake up screaming in the middle of the night. With all these measurements, the engineering of the frame could begin. The result is a frame with:

  • tight-fitting rear wheel cutout (with mud clearance of course)
  • downtube optimized to re-direct the airflow coming off the front wheel and onto the water bottle
  • narrow headtube with a big steerer inside (it’s pretty trick)
  • dozens of small details to eke out every last Watt
  • a list of our favorite tyres for grip, aerodynamics, puncture protection & more.

Big tyres

With the RaceMax, Speed is Everything. But not Everything is Speed. We know there are customers going for the absolute top speed (usually those who combine paved and unpaved roads or those racing gravel events).

There are also those who want bigger tyres because they ride on tougher terrain or they just want to avoid walking at all costs. I am in this last group myself. Even for medium-tough routes, it's better to give up a tiny bit of top speed for tyres that get you through everything.

Good news, the RaceMax can accept tyres up to 61mm WAM. That’s 15% wider than the 2.1″ maximum considered by many as the holy grail.

The model lineup

The Exploro RaceMax frame will be used on two series of bikes:

  • Exploro RACE series targeting absolute top speed with 700c wheels and 35-42mm WAM tires, starting at $6799 with Shimano GRX.
  • Exploro MAX series of unstoppable gravel machines with 650b wheels and up to 61mm WAM tires, also starting at $6599 with Shimano GRX

If you’re not sure, check out what tire is best for you.

More info

Here are some short impressions about riding the RaceMax: